Rustic Cuff

What feels like the end is often the beginning. Jill Donovan’s need for a creative outlet and her lifelong obsession with cuff bracelets turned into more than she ever dreamed. After being humiliated on the Oprah Show in front of 20 million people for her practice of re-gifting, she turned tragedy into triumph and taught herself how to make cuffs. Jill gifted them to friends and family and in March 2015 a Rustic Cuff bracelet that Jill had given to Gayle King was worn by Oprah herself on the cover of her magazine. A re-gift from Gayle to Oprah? For Jill it was the best full circle moment. Today’s Jill inspiration comes from being Mom to Ireland and August, AKA Peanut. She attributes the brand’s success to her amazingly loyal friends from all across the country. Known for her big heart and generous spirit, Jill strives to inspire these traits in others and loves hearing new stories of women who are moved to gift the cuff off their own wrists. For Jill, it’s not about the bracelet, but the connection that’s made between two people. Often strangers, in that moment. Spontaneous moments. Full of hope and love, tears and laughter. The birth of Rustic Cuff may have stemmed from re-gifting gone wrong. But the ripple effect is re-gifting gone right.


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